How to Setup a Cleaning Business Website – Tips & Tricks

Have you started a cleaning business and aren’t sure how to get more clients? Well, your company most likely requires a website.

Whether you offer commercial cleaning services or residential, a business website will help you attract more clients; and a growing client base correlates with a spike in revenue.

Also, building a website isn’t all; there is more to it. I mean, not everyone visiting your website will convert and become a sales lead.

Essentially, your website will be a marketing tool for your business, and how you design it will determine whether or not you’ll convert your visitors. Luckily, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks on setting up a cleaning website that generates sales.

Why Have a Website Anyway?

A significant number of firms around the world have gone operational with a website. You can use your company’s website to accomplish various marketing strategies that will help your business succeed. So, not having a website means you’re losing out on opportunities for your business.

With that said, anything that facilitates and grows a business is considered valuable. In this case, it’s a business website. Read below to learn why you need a website for your cleaning business.

A Website Will Legitimise Your Business.

A cleaning business with a website makes it look legitimate. Ask yourself if you were to choose a service and found two cleaning companies on an equal footing. Which one would you choose? The one with a Facebook page or a professional-looking website?

Window Shopping Made Easier.

Why do you think megastores and shops have enormous glass windows with opulent and extravagant merchandise on display? Of course, to attract customers!

While the viewers might not purchase the product they see right away, they might return later to get their hands on the items that enticed them previously.

In a digitally modern world like today, people no longer prefer to go window shopping; instead, they’re likely to scroll down the feed to catch up on the latest services.

In your case, a cleaning service with a user-friendly, visually appealing website will do.

Organic Marketing

You might underestimate the reward of organic marketing, but let me tell you, even something as simple as a blog can benefit your business.

Organic marketing is a cost-effective strategy that may not be as efficient as traditional marketing but can benefit your business in the long run.

A cleaning business website will help you attract more clients through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You can hire a professional for that purpose, or if you’ve just begun your business, you can do the basic optimization by yourself.


Finally, you can direct your adverts to a particular landing page. A landing page is supposed to convert, whereas advertising (regardless of where they appear) generates clicks and delivers a small snippet about your brand.

You can include all the essential information (that your customer may require) about your brand on the landing page. Further, you can learn how to create landing pages that convert quickly.

How to Setup My Cleaning Business Website?

With countless online website designing tools and templates, setting up a website might seem a bit complicated.

So, creating a website for your cleaning company might seem like a daunting task. But guess what? A quick read through our guide will help you build just the right website that’ll cater to the needs of your visitors and likely convert them.

Choose Your Website and Get it Registered

First, you need to pick a website/domain name. Note that your domain name has to be the same as your company’s name. Of course, you want to appear as a professional, legitimate company that shows consistency in information and company details. 

Do you know 77% of customers choose a service solely based on its brand name? So, make sure you select your company’s name wisely. Also, you can check out this guide for generating a catchy cleaning business name.

Once you’ve selected the domain name, you need to get it registered with a website hosting provider. HostingerA2 Hosting, and HostGator are some common web hosting providers in the US.

Choose a Striking Yet Sleek Design

While selecting a suitable website template can be fun, some people find it overwhelming, and that’s not surprising. Sometimes, the more templates you look at, the more they appear to be the same. So, that can leave you baffled.

But here’s the good news: the daunting process can be made simpler! Read on to know how.

Content Width

Boxed-width and full-width are two popular content widths that most template designs offer today.

Full-width stretches the entire width of your PC (from the left corner of your screen to the right edge). Alternatively, boxed-width has a frame from the left to the right side of your computer screen.

But which one should you choose for your cleaning business?

Generally speaking, full-width templates are trendy and work well for mobile screen displays or heavy graphic websites. On the other hand, a box-width template appears professional and conveys a sense of enterprise. Also, your content will remain predictable and consistent across all monitor sizes.

So opting for a box-width website would be better if you want your website to convey a business-oriented, traditional impression.

Home Page Header Layout

You can choose:

While the power of visuals is undeniable, to provide your customers with an actual value, it’s better to omit a header without content.

Now, you have the option to choose from the other two. You can display a catchy headline, call to action, a supporting paragraph, and an image.

But should you choose static or a dynamic header?

We cannot say that a dynamic header is necessarily better than a static one. But we cannot either deny the visual appeal a slideshow title offers.

Nevertheless, you can determine this based on your financials. A static header is a bit cost-effective, so opting for a budget-friendly design might be the right choice if you’re just setting up your business. You can later switch to a dynamic one (as your business stabilizes)

Provide Chatbot Support

Chatbots simulate human conversation by mimicking textual or spoken language using artificial intelligence (AI).

Given the high interaction and customer engagement, chatbots are a hot topic in the business world right now. Do you know a live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate?

So if you want to reduce the waiting time for your customers and make them satisfied simultaneously, do not forget to add a chatbot to your website. 

Make It Accessible

While focusing too much on the website design and all, many business owners overlook the importance of accessibility.

Simply put, if your website visitors cannot track their desired service on your website with ease, do you think they’ll hire you? I’m afraid not.

First, make sure you add alt text to all the service images you’re uploading. This way, a screen reader can read it to a visually impaired person.

Additionally, try using symbols along with colors to accommodate visitors who are color blind. You can also add an exclamation mark to emphasize the importance of a particular service.

Decide if Someone Will Manage it or You’ll do it by Yourself.

At this point, you may want to decide if you’ll manage your cleaning website on your own or hire a professional for that matter.

Well, if you can design your website, you can manage it too. Nevertheless, if you think maintaining a website is not the key focus of your business, you can better spend time running your business (in the office) and hire someone to look after the website.

What to Include On My Website?

So designing a website is not it. To provide ease to your customers, make sure that you include all the essential information.

Ask yourself, do you want to provide value to your customers by including all the relevant information about your cleaning services, or would you prefer to ignore their needs?

It’s your business’ website, and what you make out of it is entirely in your hands. Read below to know what to include in your cleaning business website.

Contact Information

You probably thought of this one before. Make sure you display your phone number in a prominent location on your website’s homepage. 

Service Prices

Are you offering the services of carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, floor washing, or window cleaning? Whatever it is, make sure you mention the prices right beside your service.

This way, your customers will be able to trust the legitimacy of your company. Why? Because your price remains consistent.

Unfortunately, a few fraudulent companies change their prices for every customer. It is almost as if they “customize” the charges for each individual. Make sure you’re not doing that and offering a consistent, affordable rate.

Hours of Service

You probably do not want your customers to keep calling you during non-working hours or weekends. Ensure you include the information about where and when you can be reached (or cannot be reached) and at what time of the day. Mention your service hours and if you’re taking off on weekends, include that too.


Not getting any customers? It could be because they may have already hired another cleaning company.

Sadly, if you’re not appearing in your customer’s search results, there’s no way they’ll choose you. Additionally, there is a common belief that websites that rank on the first page or at the top of a search engine are more reliable.

So, what do you do to appear on the first page of their search engine?

The answer, of course, is SEO!

Note that cleaning customers might use different keywords like “maid services,” “cleaning services,” “home cleaning,” etc.

So, make sure you do your keyword research right.

Also, do not forget to include the list of the areas you provide your service. For instance, if you have your business in Canberra, you can mention that you clean homes in Redhill, Barton, Lyons, and other nearby areas.

Info About Insurance

Some skeptical customers are likely to note this one. Is your business insured? Many people might not hire you and consider only a professional /reputable company with cleaning service insurance. So make sure you get one.

Customer Testimonials

If you have a running business, you might already have a few customers. Ask them to write a short and positive testimonial for your business website.

A few words from a happy customer can take your company a long way. It’s typical for any online buyer to look through customer reviews, comments, or testimonials.

If, on the other hand, you’re just getting started with your business, you can skip this step. But make sure you include a testimonial as soon as you get a customer.

Bonus Tips For Your Cleaning Website

Besides an appealing website, you need to show your “web presence” and interact with customers through social media, emails, and online adverts. Read below for a few bonus tips for your cleaning business website.

Include Website URL in Email

If you haven’t included your website link in your email signature line, you’ve perhaps missed out on various opportunities for your business to grow.

Your customers might forward your website link to their friends and relatives, and they might purchase your services.

Buy Geo-targeted Ads

Your sole purpose is to target the “right” audience. Perhaps you do not want to show your business ads in Sydney while offering cleaning services in Canberra.

Google allows you to buy online advert space targeting your geographical area. Further, you can check the guide to keyword search ads for more information.

This will help you better engage with your customers, whether through online adverts, customer referrals, or enhanced search results.

Advertise Advertise Advertise

Whether it’s Twitter or Facebook, make sure you show your presence on social media. Also, it’s even better to join the Alignable page or LinkedIn. You can hire a professional social media manager for that purpose.

The Bottom Line

In a tech-driven world like today, you need to go above and beyond to take your business to heights. Building a website is also part of the process.

A compelling cleaning company website will attract more traffic, increase leads, and bring new clients faster.

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