Guide to Picking a Unique Cleaning Business Name

Starting a cleaning business? Don’t forget to consider the most important factor – the unique cleaning business name. That’s something most businesses tend to overlook, and end up paying a heavy price.

You might ask, Why? Here are a few reasons:

Business Name Represents You

A good, engaging and catchy business name not only represents your business, but it also differentiates your identity from others.

A Catchy Name Helps in Conversion

Moreover, it improves your chances of getting inside your target customer’s head. Wouldn’t it be nice if the first thing they notice about you settles down in their memory for good? Then, all you need is provide quality service to retain your customers.

It Saves You From Future Troubles

Another reason for choosing a unique name is, you wouldn’t want legal troubles (if your business name replicates someone else’s business name) and spend time renaming your business. It is always difficult and costly to change the name later, if you do it wrong the first time.

Once you pick a business name, you can line up the whole structure of your cleaning business around it.

To help you choose the right name as a stepping stone to your business foundation, we provide everything you need in this step-wise guide.

So let’s get to it.

Before You Start: Things to Keep In Mind

Here are a few quick tips to start with. 

Easy to Spell, Pronounce and Remember

It’s the rule of thumb; hard words don’t get inside the head. They are difficult to recall, and much easier to forget. So, make sure your business name has these things:

No matter how good you are in providing quality cleaning service, if the customer fails to remember your business name, you’ll have to make an extra effort. And here’s a small catch.

With a nice and catchy business name, following up your customers would be much easier. You don’t need to spend extra time on emails, SMS, messages on WhatsApp or messenger to retain them. They became familiar with your business the first time they saw the name.

So, if you have a short and easy name, you’ll maximize your chances of retaining those customers (through high-quality service) even without follow-ups.

And guess what, easy to read and pronounce names also make better sense in your marketing content while targeting new customers. Simple but striking words are easier to type on search engines, so those looking for cleaning businesses are likely to see your name on the first page.

Conversely, you can name your business by using letters in different ways. Such as:

The bottom line is that satisfied customers will find you more often when they remember the name of your cleaning business.

Meaningful and Complete

There are many factors involved in the growing cleaning business, such as:

When it comes to making an impression, a meaningful business name has the strongest impact as it influences more people to explore your business

So, besides being easy-to-recall, your business name should be complete and meaningful, giving a solution to customers’ problems and removing their doubts. Also, it’ll be easier for the general public to understand the essence of your business.

Connecting With Feelings and Emotions

A long-lasting effect may be possible when you connect your target market with feelings and emotions.

Picking a name with an emotional connection can help you expand your customer base. To do so, you can connect either a strong background or a heart-touching story that is associated with you.

People may also relate their events and stories, filled with emotions, whenever they come across such business names.

Consequently, a never-ending bonding between you and your customers may take place, provided that you are offering a cleaning service above par.

Picking a Unique Cleaning Company Name

Brainstorm and Shortlist

Get yourself involved in the thinking process as much as you can. Instead of doing it alone, engage other like-minded people, such as friends, family, or close relatives to get some unique and catchy names. The more choices you have, the better it is.

Here are some useful tips:

Analyze and shortlist them that meet the criteria at most.

You can also evaluate the reactions of different people who don’t know about your business on hearing the shortlisted names.

Use Keywords

Using keywords in line with your business type will identify the scope of your work. This allows potential customers to find you more often when searching for cleaning businesses because the name is likely to appear on the first web page (of course, with proper SEO):

Check Availability and URL Access

Once you’ve done shortlisting, you should be clear whether there is any legal hitch in its use.

To check the availability of shortlisted names, you can visit the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website. This will let you know whether the shortlisted business names are already in use or not. As a rule of thumb, don’t use names that sound similar, especially in the cleaning industry.

If you get a green signal, visit the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Here, you will know how to acquire rights when it comes to Servicemark. These rights don’t allow newcomers to use the similar source of services.

You will find a large amount of reading material on this website. If you are not good at understanding legal context, you may seek professional advice from a lawyer.

In the end, you should check on the internet whether the names can provide suitable URL access or not. Check out different hosting websites to find the best suitable website URL that fits your business name.

Test the Name

Before you jump into the conclusion, test the final shortlisted name on the target audience. Their prompt reaction will make you correct mistakes.

After all, it’s all about grabbing the attention of customers. If the test result is not promising, revert to other shortlisted names and repeat the process. The name search will continue unless you find a satisfactory outcome out of it.

You can also reach out to people on social media networks to get their feedback.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Since choosing a name is a complicated step, there is a probability of making some mistakes. Here is the list of concerns that you should avoid:

The Bottom Line

This guide will help you realize the importance of choosing the name of your cleaning business. Also, it is important to know what and how you will proceed in each step.

If you want to conclude once and for all, then the name should be picked to meet your business’s future expectations; otherwise, you may have to rename later.

So, all you have to do is to go through each step wisely and pick the best name of your cleaning business that fits the criteria by and large. Choosing an eye-catching name may turn out to be the game-changer for your business.

Good luck!

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