Top 5 Examples of Successful Cleaning Business Stories

The idea of starting from scratch may seem intimidating to most people. However, taking inspiration from different success stories always helps.

You can’t know how successful your business will be if you don’t start in the first place.

So whether you’re establishing a cleaning business or looking to extend an existing one, you have to think beyond your doubts and concerns. Almost all successful cleaning business owners emphasize that entrepreneurs should overcome their fears and implement their goals.

Even if you’ve no prior experience or resources, you can turn your passion into a million-dollar business.

Want to know how? Check out these inspiring successful cleaning business stories to kick start your company.

Green Clean Squad

In 2008, Katie Pearse, an online marketing specialist, co-founded Green Clean Squad in Canada. The primary goal of the company was to provide efficient house cleaning services to people in need.

Katie established her cleaning business with no experience. Still, the company reached its first million from sales within the first three and a half years.

Not just that, she also became successful in tripling the business’ hourly cost from $62 to $180 per hour in just seven years.

So how did she do all that? Well, it was her keen interest in trying new online marketing strategies to grow her business. For that, she didn’t even shy away from cleaning herself in the initial days to save money.

Moreover, Katie and her partner implemented effective strategies that made the company’s monthly revenue jump from $80,000 to $115,000 in about three months.

Key Takeaway from Katie’s Story

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Real World Cleaning Services

The youngest cleaning business owner, Kyle Walker, launched Real World Cleaning Services at the age of just 15 years. Soon the business reached its first million-dollar revenue in a year when he turned 21.

Kyle always had an entrepreneurial spirit inside of him. When he was in 6th grade, he started delivering newspapers. While doing that, he got clients who asked him to mow their lawns to make extra money.

Once he started to work with more and more customers, he planned on launching his own company for lawn care clients. That’s where things began to turn in Kyle’s favor.

When his sister joined him, he changed his services from lawn care division to housecleaning. Now Real World Services Company is a top-rated maid services provider in the entire Logan, Ohio.

Key Takeaway from Kyle’s Story

Two Maids & A Mop

Now meet Ron Holt, the CEO of an Alabama-based house cleaning service, Two Maids & A Mop. The company provides services in 55 locations and has a workforce of around 500 employees.

Ron started with $150,000 on hand, which he made by doing all the dirty work himself for over seven years.

To be his own boss, Ron even left his secure full-time job as a lab director and opted for cleaning homes instead.

This makes us wonder why he chose the cleaning business specifically? Why not any other niche? Actually, Ron wanted to make his name in the cleaning industry, a field not many people want to be in.

With his passion and hardwork, Two Maids & A Mop made a whooping sales of $11 million in 2014. That’s something exceptional!

Key Takeaway from Ron’s Story

Better Life Maids

The company’s primary goal is to provide the local community with green solutions to make people’s homes safe for their kids and pets.

Better Life Maids intend to make people say ‘wow’ by washing out all the health risks that an incapable cleaning service leaves behind.

The company was established in 2008 in Ricketts’ hometown, St. Louis, MO. With an entirely different initiative, Matthew and Angela took their business to the list of high-rated cleaning services in town.

So how did they do that? With one rule – hard work with creativity.

Key Takeaway from Ricketts’ Story

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A Cleaning to Remember

The last success story is of A Cleaning to Remember, owned by a strong and independent female entrepreneur, Inez Arevalo.

In 2015, she decided to build her company from scratch, with no pre-planned resources on her plate. The only motivation she had was to fill the gap created by the incompetent home cleaning companies.

Based on her own observation and numerous bad experiences, she planned to jump into the cleaning industry and give people what she wanted for her home.

A Cleaning to Remember provides residential cleaning services for everyone tired of seeing soap scum left on their doors. Now, the business is flourishing and working with a large number of clients.

Key Takeaway from Arevalo’s Story

The Bottom Line

All these success stories show us how being strong-willed can help you grow your company from zero to million dollars worth.

The rule is simple; conquer your fear, jump on the ground, and stay committed to your vision.

Katie, Kyle, Ron, Ricketts, and Arevalo all listened to their hearts, believed in themselves, and implemented up-to-date marketing strategies to reach where they are right now.

So if they can do it, why can’t you?

Frequently asked questions

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The main business development strategy that all successful business owners emphasize is opting for e-marketing. In this modern world, that’s the best way to reach out to more clients and hire skilled employees.

Moreover, you should build strong customer relationships to attract more clients and maintain the existing ones.

Lastly, don’t get comfortable after achieving one goal; bring another cleaning service division to your company to cater to more clients.

Cutting down expenses indeed helps a lot in increasing your revenue. So you can decrease your marketing and sales costs by switching to cleaning business softwares to see an instant boost in your income. That’s what successful cleaning businesses are doing.

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