How to Make a Cleaning Service Flyer (Tips and Tricks)

Are you planning to start a cleaning business? The first thing you need is a good marketing strategy to land clients.

Cleaning business flyers are the cheapest and the most fool-proof method to boost your business. Even though one of the oldest marketing tools, but still effective. According to one survey, more than half of the people open and read flyers when posted to their addresses.

With a better design, you can even get more people to read through your flyer.  A well-made flyer is more than enough to grab people’s attention within seconds.

However, you can only hit the right chord if you know what to put on a cleaning service flyer. Keep in mind, house cleaning flyers are a common and traditional marketing tool, so you need to make sure your flyer stands out.

To help you out, we have listed some baby steps on what to do and what not to do while making a flyer.

Here we go!

Eye-Catching Colors

You must grab attention in this fast-paced world. People don’t have time to stop and stare at a boring old, white, and black piece of paper. So do not be afraid of using colors and have a go at the rainbow.

Let that creative streak spark. Take a look at the color wheel and choose shades that you think look best together.

But remember, do not go overboard with those bright hues. Use colors that complement each other, and you’ll already have yourself a decent house cleaning flyer.

Before and After Pictures

Throw in some pictures. Show the customers why they should choose you. Earn their trust, and the best way to do that is to show off what your cleaning business is capable of.

Add in the before and after pictures of that unforgettable dirty sofa that you left brand new after cleaning. Or maybe of those stained, old tiles that you left sparkling. People love to see that horrible stain being thoroughly cleaned, leaving no hint of its existence.

Remember, the customers need a reason to spend their money on you rather than your rivals, so you need to show them you’re worth every dollar.

Add in the Most Popular Services You Offer

You read that right. Customers don’t want to read about how cool or vast your cleaning business’s range is. They need to see exactly what they are looking for, or else your cleaning service flyer would just be another ball of paper thrown in the trash.

Think about what services demanding customers may need. Sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning are a safe bet to add because everyone has that dirty old sofa, right?

Plus, if the customers really need your services for a complicated mess, then don’t you worry. Believe it or not, they will contact you themselves.

Use Bullet Points

People need information, and they need it quickly.

Make use of bullet points. They are so convenient and easy to read that it is almost impossible to skim over them. Let us give you an example,

Do you see how quickly you read the above points? We bet it didn’t take more than a few seconds, and that’s all it takes to get a new customer. So make sure that you take full advantage of this feature.

Add a Catchphrase

A good way to catch a potential customer’s eye is to add a catchphrase. This is a great opportunity to be as imaginative as you can. You can use your humor to come up with an appealing tagline.

Or if you think that’s not your cup of tea, you can try something you are comfortable with. Use an overused yet effective catchphrase such as ‘Let us do the dirty work!’ or ‘We’ll make your place shine!’ or even ‘hate cleaning? We love it!’. Even being simple, they can do the job pretty well.

Nothing can go wrong with these. Rather, the taglines will make sure that people remember your business.


The easiest way (perhaps even easier than colors) to catch attention is through numbers. Yes, numbers do the trick all the time.

If it’s possible for your business, then add discounts. These deals don’t have to be a staggering 40% or 50% off. A little 10% or even an exclusive discount for first-comers will lure people not really interested in getting their house cleaned.

Take advantage of the holidays. Whether it is Christmas that is right around the corner or Easter, take this opportunity to offer as many discounts as you can, and make sure you mention that on your flyer.

Holidays are definitely a great opportunity to buzz your business. Keep the number game in your mind, offer little discounts, and make sure that they are right up on the flyer.

Add Correct Contact Information

All that hard work in creating that perfect, eye-grabbing flyer, only to find out that the contact information is inaccurate. What a bummer.

Double-check your phone number, email, and business address. One little typo can lead to a huge loss.

If your business has a website, then add that in your flyers as well. Certainly, websites provide tons of information and also showcase authenticity.

If you want to take things to the next level, then add in little strips of the business’ contact information right at the bottom of the flyer. This makes it easy for potential customers to rip it off and take it home.          

Proofread Thoroughly

One thing people hate other than scams is typos. Proofread, proofread, and proofread! One little slip of the finger will turn your ‘cleaning’ into ‘cleening’.

If you can’t make sure that your flier is neat and proper, then how can people expect you to properly clean their house? Yes, human beings do tend to make these sorts of psychological connections.

It may be a pain to go back and forth over the contents over and over again, but the final result will be worth it. Besides, giving it your all will work wonders for sure.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have read till this far, we can confidently say that you are ready to make the best flyer for the cleaning service. Just follow these tips, take a seat back, relax, and watch the numbers of your clients increase.

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