House Cleaning Checklist – A Cleaning Business Must Have

Proper house cleaning is a lengthy and strenuous task, and not everyone has the time for it. Moreover, with workdays extending far beyond the regular nine-to-five norm, little time is left in which one can undertake house care, laundry, meal preparation, and so many other day-to-day tasks.

This is where your cleaning business comes in. It is important to remember that house cleaning is a far more extensive process than commercial cleaning. To provide the best possible service, here are some house cleaning checklists to help you fulfil all cleaning tasks

Standard Cleaning Tasks

Most cleaning businesses offer standard cleaning services, the purpose of which is to keep the house spick and span without much deep cleaning or tidying involved.

We have divided the house cleaning checklist into multiple parts so that no areas are left untouched.

Living Room Cleaning Checklist

People are generally quite particular about the cleaning standards of their living rooms, and rightfully so. Whether one has company over or simply wants to come home to a clean house, the living room makes the first impression.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind while cleaning the living room.

Most professional cleaners do not include tidying up in the standard cleaning packages. However, when it comes to the living room, the major mess is naturally put in order during the cleaning process.

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Although not that different from the living room, the bedroom cleaning checklist is much more nuanced. Let’s see how.

Tidying up and changing the linens is not essentially a part of the standard packages. However, many customers avail this service as an add-on for the sake of convenience.

In case the customer has requested it:

Moreover, some customers prefer to hand over their own checklist, especially when it comes to bedrooms and bathrooms. The cleaning package is altered accordingly.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

The bathroom cleaning checklist understandably deviates from regular cleaning. In addition to that, extra cleaning supplies are required to clean bathrooms properly.

Here is a list of what needs to be done in standard cleaning:

Some cleaning business owners who wish to expand the reach of their business also offer laundry services. However, these come with extra charges.

In case the customers request laundry services:

Since bathrooms require more sanitization, the cleaning products you use must have disinfectant properties.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

As with the bathroom cleaning products, the kitchen products should also have disinfectant properties to ensure proper sanitization.

Here is your standard kitchen cleaning checklist.

Some customers prefer not to hand over the dishes to the cleaning company, no matter how professional. However, still, it is better the service is offered, and in case the customer avails it:

Deep Cleaning Checklist

Standard cleaning tasks do not include extensive cleaning of all fixtures and such. In addition to that, house cleaning checklists differ depending on whether standard or deep cleaning is required.

A deep clean is carried out usually on special occasions or on a quarterly or half-yearly basis. Some people even prefer to do it from year to year. It includes cleaning under the furniture, around light fixtures and ceiling fans, and, as the name suggests, in all the regularly inaccessible places.

The house cleaning checklist, in this case, is a bit different. However, this list will tell you exactly what a deep clean entails.

However, it must be noted that before you start to deep clean carpets and curtains, the initial cleaning routine is the same as standard cleaning. Make sure everything is spick and span from the inside as well as the outside.

Holiday Cleaning Checklist

The cleaning job tends to become a bit more hectic during the holiday season. Everyone wants a professional cleaning done before the guests arrive, and some want it done once everyone leaves.

But exactly what does holiday cleaning mean? The holiday house cleaning checklist is a mix between standard cleaning and deep cleaning.

However, it must be noted that before you start to deep clean carpets and curtains, the initial cleaning routine is the same as standard cleaning. Make sure everything is spick and span from the inside as well as the outside.

Building a Good Cleaning Schedule

Building the right schedule requires a game plan. But, more importantly, for business owners, it is important to figure out the frequency with which customers require a cleaning service and structure their cust deals and personal checklist accordingly.

People with big houses and bulky furniture usually do not get regular deep cleaning done. Neither do people with small, open-plan houses and minimal furniture. For each residence and set-up, deals could be structured that include regular standard cleaning with deep cleaning at regular intervals suited to the living conditions.

The Bottom Line

Keeping one’s home clean is not an easy job. This makes the home cleaning service high in demand, especially by working long hours and living alone.

Cleaners also have a duty to do their job with perfection and integrity. Homes require care and maintenance, and it is your job to provide it. We hope this checklist helps you keep all the things that need seeing to in mind.

Frequently asked questions

Have some questions about your cleaning business, see below for some commonly ask questions

The supplies you need include all varieties of chemical and physical cleaners, along with transportation services to make mobility easier. Moreover, uniforms for professional workers and adequate protective gear are also needed.

Cleaning is a smart business idea to peruse, owing to great demand and manageable starting costs. Very successful business owners even make up to $100,000 a year. However, it varies with the scale of the business.

Starting a business is not easy work. However, given the low capital investment and effort required in the field of cleaning, all you need to do is follow a few steps to get your business up and running.

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