Essential List of Equipment for a Successful Cleaning Business

The commercial cleaning business grew tremendously during 2019-2020, which is not surprising. In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, deeper disinfection and additional cleaning services were required to comply with public health standards.

The cleaning industry earned over $46 billion in 2020, which is expected to grow by 10% in 2026. As more people have become concerned about their personal hygiene, the industry will likely expand in the coming years.

So, if you plan to set up your  cleaning business, you might need to get your hands on some quality cleaning supplies. In fact, top-notch cleaning equipment is a ticket to your business’ growth and success.

Read below to catch on the right tools and products for a cleaning business.

Determine the Type of Cleaning Service You'll Offer

As you plan to start your own cleaning business, you must first determine the kind of cleaning service you’re willing to offer. Is it carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or floor cleaning?

Remember that you’ll have a range of options to choose from. However, you should only opt for the service depending on your financials or experience in the related field.

Once you choose the right type of service, only then can you prepare your cleaning supplies checklist. Why? Because the equipment you require is determined by the type of service you provide.

While the basic cleaning supplies remain the same, particular services might require you to purchase expensive or heavy-duty equipment. So, if you have a lower budget, be wise with your decision.

Is My Company Required to Provide the Cleaning Supplies?

This question is likely to have you thinking if you plan to offer house cleaning services. Also, many cleaning business start-ups are unsure if they will provide their own supplies or rely on their clients’.

Well, your clients can provide you with the supplies, and you might charge less in that case, but that doesn’t sound too professional.

Also, customers who do not have time to go shopping for these may find it inconvenient.

So, generally given the option to choose cleaning company services, people prefer the one with their own cleaning supplies instead of one that asks you to have your own equipment.

Also, keep in mind that a customer who hires a firm for house cleaning wants convenience and quality service. They wouldn’t want to save money on a few extra supplies.

So, they’re more likely to pay you your desired amount. Additionally, having your own supplies will benefit you in the following ways:

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Basic Cleaning Supplies

After you’ve done your market research and have decided the kind of cleaning business you want to start with, it’s time to shop for the basics!

Not every company will need all these products, but it’s always good to have sufficient stuff in your cleaning store. Here are a few basic cleaning items you need to have for your business:

House Cleaning Business Equipment

For a house cleaning business, you’d need specified cleaning items. You can narrow down your checklist into the following categories.

Typical Cleaning Products

Make sure you buy your cleaning solutions from a reliable brand with a reputation in the cleaning industry. In addition, keep the following essentials handy:

Also, make sure to opt for products with fewer chemicals for the cleaning job.

Appliances and Tools

Your business tools play a huge role in scaling your business. So, make sure you invest right and don’t compromise when it comes to quality.


Carpet and floor cleaning require different sorts of cleaning equipment. Here are a few primary items that you need to carry:

Multi-purpose Tools

Several multi-purpose tools are a must-have, like:

Kitchen/Bath Essentials

Stubborn stains in the kitchen and bathroom can be hard to remove. Therefore, make sure you have the following items for all the wet work:

Personal Protective Equipment

Besides all the cleaning basics, you should also wear protective equipment. Cleansers can be harsh and are potentially infectious for your eyes, skin, and lungs. So make sure you carry your protective gear along:

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Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Unlike residential cleaners, commercial cleaners require more heavy-duty industrial items and cleaning products to get the job done. They must use tools and appliances that are durable enough to meet the demands of the cleaning business industry.

Here are a few items you need to carry for a commercial cleaning business:

Additionally, you’ll need some premium quality cleaning solutions:

Additional Tips

Setting up your own cleaning company is not that simple. Nevertheless, if you prepare ahead of time and work smart, your business can surge immensely.

Listed below are a few office and marketing products that will complement the time, money, and effort you’ve put into buying your cleaning business supplies.

Cleaning Business Software

Cleaning business software will help you efficiently manage your regular cleaning tasks. You’ll better be able to:

On the whole, that sounds pretty complicated. However, with high-quality business software, you will find it easier to manage your operations and become more organized.

Business Laptop/Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone or business computer doesn’t have to be fancy, but it needs to have an internet connection for your customers to reach you accessibly. The easier you make it for people to contact you, the easier it will be for you to grow your client base.

Remember: Communication is the key.

Company Website

company website is yet another way for people to get in touch with you. WixWeebly, or WordPress can get your website working quickly and easily. Also, with these, you won’t need any prior programming knowledge.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning businesses are on the rise. So, if you’re willing to set up your business, make sure you opt for the right equipment for the type of service you intend to offer.

Frequently asked questions

Have some questions about your cleaning business, see below for some commonly ask questions

Your clients can provide you with the cleaning items, but it doesn’t portray a good impression of your business. Also, your customers may not have all the cleaning essentials you may need. Therefore, it’s best to carry your own cleaning business supplies.

If you become successful, you can even make between $60,000 and $100,000 per year!

First, buy the cleaning products from a reputable brand. Second, ditch cleaning products with harsh chemicals. Also, train your employees well, so they know how to handle each product.

Any cleaning service can be highly profitable if you invest right, work smart, and create an effective business plan. You can decide which service to offer based on your experience in the field or the area you’re willing to learn more about.

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