How to Easily Get Commercial Cleaning Business Contracts

The cleaning industry is expected to reach$74.3 million by 2022. With a massive CAGR of 6.2%, it may be precisely the best time to enter the market.

If you are ready to commit and build a reputation for yourself, the first step towards your cleaning business is to secure cleaning contracts.

Cleaning contracts ensure consistent workflow, guarantee regular cash inflow, and help you manage your workforce efficiently. Hence, cleaning companies should work hard to secure long-term contracts.

Here we explore multiple ways to help sales professionals who have a hard time pitching and closing residential and commercial cleaning contracts.

4 Steps to Secure a Bank Cleaning Contract

Securing a cleaning contract with a financial institution or office, like a bank, is a lengthy and complex process. These places require a high level of security and can hold you accountable for even the slightest embezzlement.

But office cleaning is deemed as the most lucrative niche in the cleaning business. So, you should not shy away from putting in the hard work and formulate an effective marketing strategy. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

Research your Local Banks

Knowing your customer is the first rule of any marketing campaign. In this example, survey the local and international chains operating in your town.

Large banks usually offer an office cleaning contract for all their branches to the same cleaning firm, while smaller ones usually award deals for individual locations.

Depending on your workforce, capacity, and resources, list down the banks you want to pitch to. Make sure you do your homework and check who the decision-maker is.

Work on Your USP

You must answer the question: Why should the bank hire your cleaning company? If you have researched your competitors, you know their pricing and strategy. It’s time to offer something better. Don’t make the mistake of competing on price; the next company may easily offer even lower rates to get the job.

When you compose a pitch, express clearly why you should be considered. Come up with something brighter and better.

Write a Proper Proposal

Present your offerings in a proper letter mentioning significant details. The proposal should be printed on your business letterhead and highlight yourself as a commercial cleaning business.

Elaborate your service, price, and contact information for your customer relations officer. Add a link to your company website, testimonials from satisfied customers, and create a crisp outline of your trained workforce.

Explain what products you will use, how often the cleaning will be, and how many people will work simultaneously in one location.

Ace your Interview

If you are selected for an interview, it means they are looking to close the deal. Therefore, it’s time to focus on their requirements and explain how you can comply.

Take along your cleaning supervisor and your best staff member to explain how you go about your daily activities. Make sure you mention all your staff goes through strict background checks for validation purposes.

The key to winning a commercial cleaning contract is professionalism, making sure your potential customers are blown away by your knowledge and ability.

6 Steps to Secure a School Cleaning Contract

Since kids are involved, security is a major concern for securing cleaning contracts with schools. But keep in mind that it’s a challenging job since school buildings will be messier and need daily rigorous cleaning.

Here are a few points to keep in mind.

Improve Security

When your ultimate goal is getting a school cleaning contract, each of your employees should pass background checks. Make sure they dont have a criminal background, even if you have to turn down good ones.

Secondly, use high-quality cleaning products that are safe to use with small kids.

Retain Long-term Employees

Schools appreciate that you can keep your staff longer; it shows consistency in your firm. On the other hand, when your cleaning staff keeps on changing quickly, it leaves a bad impression on the educational institution.

Long-term employees are also better trained to your cleaning business requirements and ensure smooth janitorial services.  Children are not fond of seeing new faces regularly at school. Therefore, Besides paying your staff well, focus on their motivation and job security to retain them.

Concentrate on Cleaning for Health

Cleaning is not just limited to making it look all clean. It’s about ensuring that the cleaning service uses products to keep germs at bay.

You may know that kids catch all types of viruses from schools. Therefore, you must include details about sanitization, disinfection, and disease control services on your website.

Clearly establish yourself as a commercial cleaning company that prioritizes the health of all its stakeholders.

Start Small

If you have never had a job in the educational sector, it’s best to first target private or charter schools. This is because public schools looking to give a big quota to cleaning services generally ask for experience.

Once you have small cleaning contracts under your belt, pitch to other larger businesses.

Suppose you have relevant experience, leverage referrals and word of mouth to appeal to your ideal customers. Highlight your experience and testimonials wherever you advertise, whether in newspaper ads or on the internet.

Try to Earn Sub Contracts

Some schools will sublet part of their cleaning job to external companies. For example, they may be looking to hire someone only for floor cleaning.

Keep an eye out for these opportunities. If you manage to secure even a small sub-contract, it will open up growth opportunities for you.  Moreover, this will add to your credibility that you can advertise to get new clients.

Always ask your contractor for testimonials, references and try to keep them satisfied to earn more business.


Showing up at the right places at the right time is the gist of building relationships. There are numerous ways to build a professional network.

First, attend as many conferences, networking events, and trade events that you can in your local area. Secondly, offer educational support to others and give back to the community. Finally, you can sponsor charitable organizations to develop goodwill.

Be active in your Facebook group and join communities that are relevant to your field. But don’t go looking for jobs from day 1; instead, invest time and money to build your presence in the local community.

4 Steps to Secure Apartment Cleaning Contracts

If you are looking to secure apartment buildings, don’t wait for property managers to call you. Instead, you must approach your target clients and offer your services. But before you do that, here are four things to keep in mind.

Business Profile

We would advise you to hire a professional to craft a stellar business profile for you. It should highlight the benefits you provide to your customer.

For example, rather than saying “we use organic products,” your profile must say, ” By using only eco-friendly organic cleaning products, we ensure your safety and preserve the environment too.”

Moreover, specify the qualification of your workforce, satisfied customers, period of existence, awards received, and a compelling background story.

People love to deal with real people, not robots. Therefore, humanize your cleaning business to earn residential cleaning contracts.


Once you approach a potential client, they are likely going to search about you on the internet. So, if you dont have an online presence, your business will likely die out. Therefore, having a website is mandatory to get new business.

Engage all social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube, to gain maximum exposure. Have tons of testimonials and reviews to back your claims.

You can advertise on your company’s vehicles, put logos on your staff’s uniforms and send out flyers in malls and supermarkets to create brand awareness.

Start a Referral Program

Successful referral programs will help you grow your business trifold. This is because referrals offer a reward for all involved stakeholders. Your current clients will be happy to get a deal, and the new ones will come with a level of trust already inbuilt.

But before you begin, communicate the details of the program to your clients. Identify what you are offering in return to each customer.  You can offer:

100% Payback

For each referral, allow 25% cashback on existing contracts. So by the time they bring in 4 new clients, they will have earned free service.

Free Service

Offer an additional service free of charge. For example, offer carpet/ or sofa cleaning in exchange for a sound referral.

Deal With Difficult Clients Smartly

Many times, your cleaning company will face tricky clients. Deal with them diplomatically to allow sufficient word of mouth marketing. Practice these points when in such a situation:


A contract is legally binding, and therefore it is advisable to ask a lawyer to draw it up.  However, it should include:

  • The legal name of your business and client
  • Duration of contract
  • The full address of the space to be cleaned, including square foot
  • Access rights to the location
  • Scope of the work
  • Payment terms

Begin by evaluating the kind of work expected. Then, estimate costs that will be incurred on the job. Next, survey the apartments or office buildings, the number of people working/living there, and draft your final cost.

Depending on your experience, bid a price that reflects the quality you provide.