Start your own profitable cleaning business with high-paying clients in the next 30 days or less....

Don’t Struggle On Your Own… Follow a proven step-by-step system to create a fun, flexible and profitable cleaning business

A cleaning business really can provide you with time and financial freedom, and it’s one of the few businesses you can start with little or no experience, and with a very small budget…

But before you go any further you should know that MOST cleaning businesses fail.


HINT: It’s got NOTHING to do with CLEANING! They fail because the owner didn’t focus on the business side of things, and because the owner didn’t have a system for generating leads, keeping customers happy and growing their business.

If you’ve already started your cleaning business you’ll know it takes more than just a mop and bucket to make it work…

You MUST have a system finding new clients, keeping existing clients happy, generating referrals and scaling your business. If you don’t you’ll either go out of business or drown in a sea of business admin, marketing tactics, customer service and more.

We got frustrated at seeing so many people start a business full of enthusiasm only to close it down a few months later, or get discouraged at slow growth, long-hours, constant struggles and dealing with constant hassles, problems and complaints.

So we decided to do something about it.

Now there’s finally a quicker, easier and better way to create a fun, flexible and profitable cleaning business.

We’ve created a program that gives new and existing cleaning business owners the tools, information, support & guidance to start a cleaning business that allows them to the create a lifestyle of their dreams.

It doesn’t matter if you are a stay-at-home Mum or Dad who wants to create a small intimate cleaning business which allows you to spend more time with your family, or an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to create a large business with a big team, you’ll find everything you need to create your dream business inside the Cleaning Business Blueprint.

Introducing the

BETTER than a franchise… at tiny tiny tiny FRACTION of the cost!

EVERYTHING You Need to Create a
SUCCESSFUL Cleaning Business

The cleaning business blueprint is a complete system for starting, growing, scaling and running a profitable cleaning business. Get EVERYTHING you need to…
Setup Your Business for Success from Day 1
Find High-Paying Customers

(using free and low-cost marketing techniques)

Turn Customers into Loyal Repeat Customers

(by keeping them happy!)

Generate a Steady Stream of Referrals
Automate & Streamline Your Business

(so you spend less time on admin)

Grow and scale your business
Are you ready to create a business that allows you create the life you’ve always dreamt about?

Finally there's a quicker, better & cheaper way to create a profitable cleaning business...

Until recently you only had two choices: Go it alone or purchase an expensive franchise. Most cleaning franchises are expensive, outdated and restrictive – and require you to pay a % of your profits to them forever!

But going it alone isn’t much better. Starting your own business ‘from scratch’ is time-consuming, very lonely & there are lots of (often costly) mistakes to make along the way.

With the Cleaning Business Blueprint you’ll get everything you need to create a profitable cleaning business WITHOUT being tied down to a restrictive and expensive franchise (which are usually difficult to grow & sell).

The Cleaning Business Blueprint

The Cleaning Business Blueprint is much more than a book or a guide, it is a complete system for launching, running and growing a successful and highly profitable cleaning business.

You get everything you need: Training, marketing templates, pricing calculators, advertising, lead generation, forms, checklists, support and more…

The system has been developed based on what actually works in the ‘real world’ and ‘borrows’ the best bits from some of the world’s most successful cleaning companies.

With the Cleaning Business Blueprint you’ll be able to avoid the usual mistakes, hassles and frustrations and jump-start your journey to creating a rewarding, fun and flexible cleaning business.



Get your business up and running quickly with with the right admin and financial systems in place


Choose the perfect name for your business


Create automated systems that ‘run’ the admin side of your business for you


Create a professional looking brand (on a tiny budget) that sets you apart from ‘everyone else’ and makes you look like a trusted, established and reliable provider


Attract high-paying clients who value the service you provide and who are willing to pay you what you are worth


Use no and low cost marketing techniques to find a steady stream of new clients


Create the systems you need to grow and scale your business without the usual headaches


Clean quickly & efficiently so you keep customers satisfied & get the job done in less time


Create a website that converts visitors in to bookings


Get pricing right and avoid the usual (costly) pricing mistakes


Create quick and accurate pricing estimates for any job


Create attractive client winning proposals


Keep customers coming back and encourage them to spend more with upsells, addons and extras


Generate a steady stream of referrals


Grow and scale your business by outsourcing & automating


Work with sub-contractors as you grow your business


Create a great team of employees who help you grow your business


Hire the best staff, train them well & make them better than you!

No Risk Guarantee!

Follow a Tried & Tested Formula that’s Proven to Work (or get your money back)

A Complete System to create a Successful & Highly Profitable 'Lifestyle' Cleaning Business.

Here’s what you get inside the Cleaning Business Blueprint…

Complete Step-by-Step System to Create a Successful Cleaning Business

This step-by-step program takes you right through the process of creating a successful and profitable cleaning business. It is 100% based on what really works and has been tried, tested and proven again and again!

There are 13 modules which cover everything you need to know. Each module contains key information along with supporting templates, checklists, videos and text to help you take ACTION. Go through step-by-step or skip to the section you need the most right now.

Think of the Cleaning Business Blueprint as your cleaning business ‘bible’ (you get lifetime access).

Module 1: Goals and Planning

Get clear about what you want from your business, set the right goals, create a business that fits your ideal lifestyle & create a daily action plan

Module 2: Get Setup for Success 

Choose the right business structure & get clear about tax, GST, insurance & more. Set up your home office, financial recording keeping and business admin systems.

Module 3: Finding Startup Financing

will lay down the options for finances. It will give you a quick snapshot of how much startup money you need to start your own cleaning business.

Module 4: Getting your Equipment Together

Decide who your idea client is (people who value your service & who are prepared to pay for it!) and where to find them.

Module 5: Create a Professional Brand (on a budget)

Set yourself apart from the competition and create a professional brand for very little (or no) cost. Look like an established, trusted and reliable company from Day 1!

Module 6: Pricing and Estimates

Get pricing right, avoid costly mistakes and create profitable estimates.

Module 7: Finding Your First Customers/Getting Clients

Use our simple Low cost (Nearly free) & paid ways on getting your first clients through the doors

Module 8: Working with New Clients

Set expectations, start off on the right foot, answers to common questions, handle complaints the right way and get paid (on time!)

Module 9: Use Marketing to Find New Clients & Keep Existing Ones

How to harness the power of social media, email marketing and SEO to find the new clients, and keep existing customers coming back and spending more!

Module 10: Keeping Clients Happy and Coming Back for More!

Follow-up with clients using newsletters, why and how to WOW your customers, get customer feedback & start a customer loyalty program

Module 11: The Cleaning Process (cleaning quicker and better)

Clean quicker, better and more efficiently. Tips of the trade and special industry 'secrets'.

Module 12: Growing and Scaling Your Business

Find the best staff and train them to be better than you, work with sub-contractors to grow your business, cleaning in teams. Discover how to create systems, automate and outsource so your business runs and grows without you!

Module 13: Taking Action & Get Started!

Just a recap on what you have learned in the Cleaning Business Blueprint

Estimate Calculator & Guide to Profitable Pricing

Create accurate, client winning estimates quickly & easily with the Instant Estimate Calculator & use the Profitable Pricing Guide to:

Business Forms, Checklists, Agreements & Scripts Pack

17 professionally designed tried & tested business forms, templates, agreements, proposals…

These professional designed, tried & tested forms will MAKE YOU MONEY because you’ll be able to convert quotes and inquiries in to customers, charge more money, and keep clients satisfied. Easy to edit using Microsoft Word.

Don’t waste your time, money and energy. Use our tried & tested forms, templates and proposals to create a professional image and ensure your business runs smoothly from day 1!

Professional Marketing Materials Pack

We’ve created a set of professionally designed flyers, gift vouchers, loyalty cards and business cards to help you promote your business.

These marketing materials will set you apart from the crowdand help you attract high-paying clients. Simple to edit using Microsoft word or publisher.

100% 60-Day
Money Back Guarantee

This system has been developed using tried and tested principles that have worked for many different cleaning businesses around the world. However if you implement our advice and follow our training and find they don’t work for you, please contact us in the first 60 days and we will provide a full refund, no questions asked.

What People are Saying

Elena Rodriguez
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The Cleaning Business Blueprint was a game-changer for me. It laid out everything I needed to know in an easy-to-understand format. My business is thriving thanks to the strategies I've learned.
Darren Kim
Read More
After struggling for a year, the Blueprint gave me a clear direction and the confidence to make bold moves. My profits have doubled, and my team is motivated!
Sophie Chen
Read More
This product is worth its weight in gold. The marketing insights alone have revolutionized how we attract clients. Highly recommend it to anyone serious about their cleaning business.
Liam Neil
Read More
As someone who was new to the industry, the Cleaning Business Blueprint saved me from countless mistakes. It’s like having a mentor guide you through the intricacies of the business.
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Cleaning Business Blueprint

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Cleaning Business Blueprint

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Yes, the program will show you how to grow, scale, automate and improve your existing business. You’ll discover how to attract and retain clients, clean better (& quicker) and employ a team to replace you.

Yes, the program has been designed to allow you to create a cleaning business that allows you to live your perfect lifestyle. In-fact at the start we help you get clear on what that lifestyle looks like and how you can build your business to fit around it, rather than the other way around. The systems and information are very relevant and will help you regardless of what kind of business you want to create.

Yes, we stand by quality of this program and will refund 100% of your money if you are not satisfied for any reason. Just email with the reason for your cancellation and you will receive a full refund.

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