How to Advertise your Cleaning Business – 9 Simple Ways

Do you know that you can easily yield as much as $100,000 annually with a commercial cleaning business in America? With low set-up costs and diverse cleaning solutions, you can generate income every day.

However, for everything to work smoothly, you need to have a solid advertising strategy in place. Like any other business, for a cleaning venture to be successful, there should be a steady and strong consumer flow which is only possible through your consistently outstanding services and clever marketing policies.

But with so many advertising methods available, which ones work best for such start-ups? Plus, how do you ensure you apply them perfectly?

Continue reading to get answers to all your burning questions.

9 Ways to Market Your Cleaning Business

Let’s enlighten ourselves with nine different ways to market your cleaning business. From popular methods to some unconventional techniques, we have everything covered.

Posters and Flyers

Starting from the most affordable advertising technique, posters and flyers work pretty effectively in promoting your business in your area. Whether you run a commercial cleaning business or provide services to only private residences, distributing attractive and relevant posters and cleaning flyers can help build your customer base.

However, people are more likely to throw away a flyer that doesn’t mention their address. Besides, flyers that offer discounts on a specific house cleaning service are more successful in generating responses than one with just simple business details.

So, to make your cleaning business’ poster reaches the right place and grabs attention, send it through the mail rather than dropping it at the doorstep. If your budget doesn’t allow that, you can start with the latter but make sure to shift to proper mailing as soon as possible.

Also, design a flyer that has eye-catching content and is pretty attractive. You can hire a competent graphic designer to create a design for you.

Besides, being experimental with your unique ideas always works. Tear-away posters, hangers, and pamphlets mentioning your rates can generate a good number of customers for you.

While sending flyers may seem like a traditional advertising strategy, it does create a lasting impact. It is especially true for people who aren’t tech-savvy or do not have access to social media platforms.

Ads in Local Newspapers

For a budding business like yours, newspaper ads are a big help. They are the best way to spread your word among elderly and middle-aged people who have always prioritized print media over social platforms.

Newspaper advertising is quite common in the USA. Moreover, to get a full-page ad in a community newspaper in America, the starting fee is $2,700. However, you can also publish a precise ad in small-circulation papers for just $50.

The cost of an ad depends on many factors. From size and color to position and frequency, many elements play a key role.

So, depending on your budget and area, you can use this advertising method to reach many households in your city. However, like flyers, make sure your ad has attention-grabbing content, attractive layouts and persuades the public to take action.

Participate in Trade Shows

As part of offline advertising strategies, participating in relevant trade shows may benefit your cleaning business. While this approach may not always be cost-effective, it can help attract new people to your cleaning venture.

If you plan to set a booth in a local trade show, you should plan a strategy to draw visitors’ attention. This can be possible through interesting cleaning demonstrations.

For instance, to promote your carpet cleaning service, you can show people how your services would clean stains using particular products. Ideally, your demonstrations should create dramatic visuals so that people remember you even after many days of attending the show.

Trade shows are a great way to connect with people online as well. For instance, for people visiting your booth, offer discounts in exchange for their email addresses. This method can help you send them follow-ups through effective email marketing.

Improve SEO

Besides the physical advertising methods mentioned above, it is also imperative to pay attention to various digital marketing tools. For example, by improving the SEO or Search Engine Optimization of your website, you can target a significant number of people searching for your services in your area.

According to a report, 61.6% of Americans consider Google as their top search engine. So that’s quite an incredible chance to reach as many people as you want through successful business optimization.

There are many ways to improve a Cleaning Websites SEO. Here are a few:

The list above doesn’t cover even half the ways of improving your business’s SEO. However, these ideas can give you a great kickstart to consider this advertising method seriously from now on.


Many business owners consider the blogging route a waste of time and money, but that’s not the case. Blogging can be one of the most powerful tools to advertise your service, provided you do it right. This method is an essential part of any content advertising system.

Blogs help improve your SEO, educate your potential consumers about your services and encourage them to become your leads. However, for a blog post to do wonders, it is vital to create quality content consistently.

Here are a few ideas that you can include in your cleaning blogs:

Discuss Your Cleaning Methods

A blog post on your cleaning methods and products can create awareness about your service. Moreover, this common topic can also assist you in getting a rank on various search engines platforms.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

Such blog topics always work like a charm. Giving your audience the reasons to choose you gets them to take this step sooner than later. However, to attract maximum readers, keep such blogs simple while presenting an accurate picture of your services.

Highlight a Team Member

Customers love businesses with distinctive personalities. So if you have an unsung hero in your company, highlight that member with a post and let people know that you care about your workforce.

This approach not only works great with potential consumers but also encourages your employees to do good.

Feature Honest Customer Reviews

As per stats, 70% of customers trust a service through testimonials written by people they may not know.

Online reviews and testimonials are compelling. Such reviews serve as proof of the incredible services you offer.

Whenever a customer sees other people singing praises for your cleaning business, they automatically feel secure enough to try your business too.


Taking the last point forward, do you know that happy customers can become your best sales representatives? Referral works as free advertising and is considered quite believable.

Have you ever heard of the quote, “Facts tell, stories sell?” Unfortunately, while figures and price models of your cleaning business may look great, they do not sell your services as efficiently as client stories and experiences.

While featuring client testimonials on the blog, you can also offer discounts to every existing customer that refers your business to another person. This is called a referral program. Customer referrals can help generate more clients in a minimal time.

You can either run such discounts on your website or your social media pages.

Email Marketing

As we have already mentioned email marketing above, it is essential to explain this advertising aspect in detail. Email marketing is a cost-effective, organic, and straightforward technique.

Moreover, in the USA only, the average email open rate in 2020 was 17.6%. This might be a small percentage, but it may have a massive impact in the long run.

But what does email marketing involve? Email marketing or direct mail strategy is about launching a successful marketing campaign through special offers and newsletters and spreading the word to the right audience from an authentic email list.

You can create a list of email addresses through different trade shows. But you can also design sign-up options on your social media pages and websites to gain this information.

To enjoy a lower bounce rate, make sure your marketing email content is media-rich. It shouldn’t be just plain text but should contain graphics, images, and attractive call-to-action. You can either design your emails in-house or hire a freelance graphic designer.

Social Media Advertising

If you want to achieve recognition for your cleaning business, you will have to step into the digital marketing world and build a social media presence to reach your potential clients. While many different online methods are used for advertising a venture, social media platforms are effective and more targeted and can be conveniently controlled.

According to recent stats, America had over 223 million users of various social media platforms in 2020. That’s a considerable number which also includes thousands of people who would be interested in your services. Moreover, this stat might increase to 243 million in 2025, increasing the number of people you can reach out to.

However, before you run ads or content on social media, you will have to create a business page with relevant content for your cleaning services on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. These platforms will help build your online presence and will be a great representation of your venture.

Using Facebook to Advertise Your Business

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the USA. According to stats, 221.6 million Americans have a Facebook account. This number represents a large number of people and thus implies Facebook’s popularity in this part of the world.

To market your cleaning business through Facebook, it is always wise to join various groups through your Facebook business page. Facebook groups are considered quite adequate for the promotion of commercials and residential businesses like yours. However, you will have to find the right group first before witnessing some success.

For instance, if your target audience is busy moms, finding a group with a working women audience can help you reach your potential customers.

Moreover, before joining a group, go through their rules. For example, some groups allow posting while others don’t. If you don’t want to waste your time and energy, join the one that allows posting your engaging content to promote your services.

You can also run Facebook ads to scale the advertising results rapidly. To achieve success through an ad, make sure to combine lookalike audiences and Facebook pixels and gain access to the target market. In addition, you can customize ad campaigns according to location, gender, interest, and age.

Also, create an attention-grabbing ad that can easily persuade people to visit your website. For instance, make sure it has professional graphics and user-friendly content.

Using Instagram to Promote Your Cleaning Company

Instagram is another famous platform that can help drive traffic.

As per a survey, there are 115 million American Instagram users. This number is expected to grow to 127 million by 2023.

Out of these, 81% love discovering new businesses and brands. Moreover, 50% of the users actually take action, like visiting a cleaning business website whenever they see a relevant service or product.

Instagram is an attractive platform that businesses use to promote their services/products through pictures and videos. For example, as a cleaning business, you can also advertise by posting before and after images of your cleaning services. This technique can help your potential customers understand the quality of your job and can also contribute to diverting traffic towards your business website.

Promoting on Instagram platforms also involves using lots of relevant hashtags within your posts. For example, some popular hashtags for your specific niche are

#cleaningservice, #cleaningtips, #housecleaning, and #cleaningday.

Social media users who follow these hashtags are majorly interested in cleaning businesses, and hence there is a bright chance of them becoming your ideal customers.

Using YouTube to Market Your Cleaning Business

Cleaning businesses worldwide also use video marketing methods and YouTube to promote their services. As per a survey, around 55% of marketers use videos for marketing their brands.

Moreover, 72% of social platform users choose video content to learn about commercial cleaning services.

Similar to Instagram posts, you can easily design a timelapse promotional video to market your cleaning business and reach your potential customers. Such content urges people to watch till the end and analyze the quality of your job. You can post these videos on your YouTube channel and can earn many likes and views.

However, make sure the quality of your video marketing is top-class. Consistent and regular postings on YouTube can also generate money for you. These funds can then be used for growing your cleaning business and generating more traffic and sales.

You can also run YouTube video ads. You can customize the content and pay to run these ads before or during a video related to your cleaning industry. Besides, bumper ads are also effective and can be used as a display on relevant videos.

Using Twitter to Gain Audience

Unfortunately, Twitter is an underutilized marketing platform used to create brand awareness. However, that’s not a good thing because, with correct techniques, Twitter has the potential to become a traffic machine for your cleaning venture.

While Twitter is a little slow with results, it doesn’t run on an algorithm, and that often blocks prospective clients on Instagram and Facebook from sharing your content.

However, like any other platform mentioned above, Twitter advertising only works effectively when injected with valuable business content and consistent efforts.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay Per Click or PPC ads are pretty popular digital marketing tools. These advertisements are hosted on various search engines like Google. These Google ads are usually displayed to the target audience and often lead to your social media pages or websites when clicked.

These ads work around keywords. For instance, for a cleaning service in New York, keywords like New York house cleaning and house cleaning in New York can help people reach your page.

PPC paid ads are pretty cost-effective because you only pay for them once a visitor lands on your website. Moreover, the amount you spend depends on the number of targeting keywords. Therefore, if your budget is limited initially, you can decide on limited keywords and increase them with time.

The best thing about PPC paid ads is that you can run multiple campaigns simultaneously. This approach helps to target all top keywords at the same time.

However, for click advertising to work in your favor, make sure they have a call-to-action tagline with your business name and contact information mentioned therein.

Wrap Up

Remember, not all the advertising methods mentioned will work for you. For instance, some may suit your budget while others may prove to be too expensive.

However, this factor shouldn’t discourage you from taking this initiative.

To see your cleaning business reach new heights of success, clever advertising is crucial.

So, even if you have limited funds, start with inexpensive and small strategies before planning significant campaigns for your venture.

Best of luck with your business!

Frequently asked questions

Have some questions about advertising your cleaning business, see below for some commonly ask questions

Yes, definitely. A clear marketing strategy lays the base for all activities and campaigns you may want to carry out to compete against other cleaning companies. Once it’s ready, you should curate a marketing plan to support the business strategy and implement all your advertising efforts.

Without a marketing plan, you will fail to reach new customers. Moreover, the existing ones may not know about your new services, thus preventing them from becoming your repeat customers.

First, advertising is often confused with marketing. However, the former is a subset of the latter and is considered a process involved in promoting service, product, or brand.

Moreover, advertising can be free or paid. Depending on your budget, you can choose either of the two or go for both and yield great results.

Lastly, advertising is an ongoing process, and all businesses, new or old, need to make a provision for that. In simple words, even if you have many potential clients and cleaning contracts, you should promote your venture to get new leads to increase the revenue and enjoy consistent growth.

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